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Topic: Error in installing Ajax chat

I'm trying to install an Ajax chat system on my punBB forum, but when I uploaded the /chat/ folder to the directory as instructed, the install file gave me the following error message:

The constant FORUM_ROOT must be defined and point to a valid PunBB installation root directory.

The Ajax extension in question was designed for punBB and came from Ajax's website.  I'm running punBB 1.3.2 so I suspect there may be a version compatibility issue here.  Any thoughts on what the problem could be, and how it might be resolved?

Re: Error in installing Ajax chat

What extension have you tried to install? Could you give us a link?

Re: Error in installing Ajax chat

They are using an old version of PunBB, which is not supported by the chat software (BlueIMP I think) they want to use.

I know this isn't a problem for them anymore, as one of their developers is working on a chat solution for them.