Topic: Is PunBB google friendly?

Hello everyone. First off nice software, I stumbled upon it today and don't think I will ever let it go. The ease in customization is just what I needed. With that said on to the question...

Does anyone here have a PunBB board that is deeply crawled by Google? I am curious to see how this software does with Google and other search engines before I use it in a production environment.

Re: Is PunBB google friendly?

Based on my initial check, I've seen that the URL structure of the forum is just fine for deep Google reading. I guess the admin or someone here should confirm it.

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I've done Search Engine Optimization professionally. PunBB is pretty friendly with Google.

For example, on this page, key words are covered in three main locations...

  • Title

  • URL

  • H1 tag

If you try a Google Search...
This page comes up as #1.

There are other factors that determine page rank. PunBB is Google friendly, but that alone may not get you top listing. If this is a huge concern to you, maybe you might want to check out Google's Webmaster tools...

Heh... or you could just pay an SEO consultant a crazy amount of money  smile

Michael Garofalo
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Re: Is PunBB google friendly?

Yes, PunBB is google friendly.

It uses valid XHTML, CSS, and the URLs are rewritten.

With you can create unlimited free cron jobs every 5 minutes :)