Topic: Firefox 3.6.17 v IE9.beta

Hi there I wonder if any of you could point in me in the right direction. I have set up a PunBB Forum and embedded it inside my own #wrapper, within my website by modifying the main template  file, this displays beautifully in Firefox, however in IE9 it is a right mess.

The problem in IE9 is this. If we use the main forum root page for  example. All my website displays fine. and the majority of the PunBB sits inside the #wrapper as coded to, including the catagory titles and the footer section ofthe PunBB... It is the Forums themselves that are taking up almost double the width of the wrapper and throwing everything out.

can somone tell me which CSS element controls the size of forum TOPIC field if you will.... or even better, give me the solution to this problem...

No links as yet, as ths project is running form LocalHost, but I could paste code if  required.

many thanks smile

Re: Firefox 3.6.17 v IE9.beta

Show me a screenshot.

Re: Firefox 3.6.17 v IE9.beta

dimkalinux wrote:

Show me a screenshot.

Hi there dimkalinux. Heres the screendump u requested. I'm using dual monitors, hence the strange layout haha.

On the left is my Message Forum working nicely in Fire Fox... On the right is my not too happy forum in IE. If you look at the right hand side, where the White background finishes, and the light gry starts again. This is the end of my wrapper, for somereason the Forum is breaking out of the wrapper and forcing the backgroudn to repeat. But it is only the topics and forums thats are breaking out.

Also my style retains center in FF, buit this is lost in IE

Any ideas would be great. I can post some code if no advice can be offered from the screen shots,

Many thanks