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Extension allows you to configure a redirect for external links. Redirected links in the messages and profile signatures. Redirecting is performed in a new window. In the admin panel available statistics on transitions.


Current version 1.2.7

Download: https://github.com/downloads/ashcs/punb … _links.zip
Github: https://github.com/ashcs/punbb_extensio … rect_links

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Great extension- thanks!

Re: [release] Redirect links

Would be good idea to install this extension here... (I would if I could...)
Works perfectly,

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Re: [release] Redirect links

its not working sad
no change anything
see error like this

sory for my english smile

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Re: [release] Redirect links

@coadmin: try to unisntall one or more of ur extension u use.. (y)

sorry my BAD english T___T
Have a nice day >.<