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I used to have a website for a gaming league around 5-7 years ago.  I used PunBB at the time and I really enjoyed it. I am setting up a site again and I have chosen PunBB again. Although, I wonder if someone could direct me to a few things or let me know if they are still around or available to use.

1)  I had a mod/extension of some sort that would let me make a post to a "news" area on the forums and then the posts would show up on the index page.  The index page was not the forums index page....it was more like a homepage and what not. 

2)  I also had an arcade mod that had a bunch of arcade games that kept track of scores and stuff.

Is this stuff still around and available?


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Wow...what happened to PunBB over the last few years?  Did the community just up and die or something?

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pun_forum_news extension available for news but it litle buged is some cases.


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Yeah...I saw that one in there, but the old extension I used back with PunBB 1.2 did it differently.  You could make posts and the posts showed up on an index page.  The index page was the first page to load of course and it did not have the forums boards or anything like that.  It was merely a front page where you could insert a header picture, a side bar with comments and posts information or whatever else you wanted to put in to it and then of course, the posts that were in the "news" topics on the forums (you made a thread that was only for news posts and only admins could post on it) would then show up on the front page. You could control how many were on the page and everything...it was really nifty and allowed you to customize your PunBB install and make it look like something a little more than just...forums.

The arcade extension would be nice, but my main worry is that front page extension.  I have been looking, but it doesn't seem like anyone ever took the time to make it work for any later updated PunBB's. I would rather not go through the old 1.2 stuff and sift it all out of there. I wish I knew the names of the old ones from back then, but I just can't think of them.  It's been too long now.


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Here we go...I do believe this was the old 1.2 extension I used.  It's called MiniPortal.

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … osts-text/

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hey Kato, Did you get this extension to work?