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it would be very nice to have a custom field below the post count, or somewhere in this area, where user´s can add something useful. Depending on the forum main content/topic this could be their phone model, car model, gamertags, favorite sports team, favorite actor/character, favorite tv show, favorite band, some kind of id and so on. there are tons of possibilities and in my opinion for almost every punbb installation this one additional field could be useful.

i think this feature, or extension is missing badly in 1.4.x. I checked out the forum and your extensions from time to time and found some requests, but unfortunately no reactions.

So i hope to see this in one of the future releases, or extensions smile Like punBB anyway smile


Re: Custom field(s)

I've seen something about custom fields in user profiles already. If this works, then it's not too hard to edit the viewtopic.php file and print these fields whenever you want. Of course it requires some knowledge of PHP hmm

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