Topic: Reopen threads by users

If there isn't, it would be nice to allow regular users to re-open a closed thread, when it becomes relevant, again. This option could e.g. be per-forum. Giving all users moderator privileges for that forum is not wanted.

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Re: Reopen threads by users

Unfortunately this can't be done, unless you create custom groups of people allowed to re-open topics.

Topics are not closed for no reason, hence they don't have to be reopened except in rare situations. This is common to all forum scripts you will find online I'm afraid.

Re: Reopen threads by users

Whilst being common, I don't see any logic demanding that only moderators can re-open topics. In fact, I can think of many situations where it is preferable for users to re-open a topic and prevent them from creating a new topic with similar content. The primary reason why a topic is closed is because a moderator thinks that it should be closed. Following this logic, opening new topics would be allowed only for moderators, too. For me there isn't any clear difference between an open and re-open. However, for administration reasons moderators should be able to close topics for good.

unless you create custom groups of people allowed to re-open topics

Is there any way to achieve this behavior with the current software version? I don't know the internals of the software but from a user perspective I would expect this to be under the forums settings like "allow Read forum, allow Post replies, allow Post topics, allow Re-open topics".

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Re: Reopen threads by users

It would also be completely logical to me, and a good compromise, if the original poster would be able to close and re-open since he is somehow responsible for the content of a topic. So he should also be able to close a topic, BTW.