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Hi there,

I am badly wanting to learn PHP so that I can convert my static HTML pages. It is simply too much of a shore to go through dozens of pages to chnage one entry on the menu. I used to use frames to avoid that, but now obviously frames are out.

PhP will allow me to create on single page for the "menu" and insert it into every page, coprrect?

Are sever side includes a better choice?

Well, in any event I would like to know what a good beginners book is for a non-programmer such as me.

Re: Begeiners book for PHP/mysql

I thikn you can find some good stuff in this thread

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try 'PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson'

ISBN: 0-672-32525-X

It's a bretty good book..  nice tutorials about most of php and mysql..  goes at a pretty slow pace too..