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Excuse my ineptness but I'm by far knowledgeable in PHP ...

I've copied the externnews.php file onto my forum root, but cannot get it to work. It just shows this:

There is no valid language pack '' installed. Please check $language setting in config.php.

Where'd I go wrong? FYI, my PunBB is a clean install (1.2) with all settings on default.

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well this wasn't written for 1.2 i'd wait for Rickards news plugin

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Alright thanks for your swift reply Connorhd; much appreciated!


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How do I make a <br> after one newspost without getting an error? Dunno where to put it, wherever I try I get an error when I refresh the page.

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I just upgraded to PunBB 1.2, and now I am very eager to see this updated to 1.2 as well.

I also got the "There is no valid language pack '' installed. Please check $language setting in config.php." error, and good thing I decided to check here before mucking about in the config.php file. smile

Can't wait to see it, I need a better way to post news than editing the .html file! wink



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i'm also looking forward to this being updated for use with 1.2. rickard's news plugin sounds good too but i really like the number of comments/replies feature here that his doesn't have.

i was also wondering.. would it be possible to have hidden forums (viewable only by admins and mods) that output to the homepage for public viewing with no links to the forums? this would be a simple way to use the forums for static pages - like a very simple cms.

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I echo the sentiments of the 2 posts above. After trying out Rickard's news plugin which works as documented, I do believe PunNewz for 1.2 would better suit my needs.


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any news?

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Hahah Hi guys, I still haven't taken the plunge to 1.2 yet.  Still running 1.1.4 as I've got lots of customisations which need to be ported over first.

As soon as I find some time I'll make the big switch. big_smile

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ah right so after hours of trying i find i shoulda read the 3rd page... it doesn't work for 1.2 yet lol.

All i wanted was like 3 posts from the new section of my forum to be displayed on the front page... man php is so long. I cant imagine how hard the rest of my site is gonna be to build when i have had so much forum trouble already, and not just with this.


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cant wait i got the same error as the other fellas tongue cant wait....your doing a great job keep it up.