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I am having issues trying to implement mod_gzip through htaccess. I'd like to enable mod_gzip for outputted html files which are created via PHP and mod_rewrite. I also want to make sure a certain directory on the web server is not included in this mod_gzip rule I'll be adding to the .htaccess file. I've had issues finding the right way to do this through google searches, so I was wondering if any of you knew how to accomplish this task.

Thank you in advance.

Re: mod_gzip issues

I beleive there is a setting for that at the admin/options page. (dont shoot me if im wrong)

Re: mod_gzip issues

Falconey: The gzip option in admin/options should be disabled when using mod_gzip.

Skye: I've only configured mod_gzip "globally" in httpd.conf, so I don't believe I can help you. Now I'm using using Apache2, so it's mod_deflate instead (which is easier to setup).

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Re: mod_gzip issues

No, no. You don't get it. Not in PunBB.

.htaccess can override anything in httpd.conf. It?s very useful without affecting every site on a server. I want this to be able to work on shared server environments as well as a VPS or a dedicated server, so I was looking into the .htaccess override options that Apache has.