Topic: Change "Currently Serving" to "Recent Vistors"

I was thinking that adding more time to the current users display, and showing everyone who's been around in the last hour might be a better community builder.

Sometimes you miss people between reloading of the page, and the activity can appear quite sparse even on a very active board.

i assume that making a change like this is quite easy. Just a matter of extending the time period. and the title from "currentlyserving " to "recently served"

i searched for a mod, but found nothing.

anything like this already available?

Re: Change "Currently Serving" to "Recent Vistors"

Just increase "Online timeout" in admin/options. PunBB 1.2 does have one limitation in that respect - that "Online timeout" must be a value that is smaller than "Visit timeout". The reasons for this being the case are quite technical though, so I won't bore you with that.

Changing "Currently serving" to "Recent visitors" can be done in lang/English/index.php

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Re: Change "Currently Serving" to "Recent Vistors"

Thank you!!!

: )