Topic: Again..

Well..  I've decided my previous issues with PunBB can be blamed on my host.. so I will get a new one as soon as plausible..

But, the old workaround I had in v1.1 is gone with 1.2..

Now, when I try to access the administration section, I get:

File: /mnt/web_j/d42/s15/a0002mwr/www/forum/admin_index.php
Line: 91

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch online count

Database reported: Lost connection to MySQL server during query (Errno: 2013)

Also, when I try to update my own profile, I get the Bad HTTP_REFFERRER error..

My boards can be found at

Any help to work around this temporarily would be greatly appreciated!

Great work, otherwise.. smile

Re: Again..

An error was encountered
File: /mnt/web_j/d42/s15/a0002mwr/www/forum/include/functions.php
Line: 115

PunBB reported: Unable to insert into online list

Database reported: Duplicate entry '1' for key 1 (Errno: 1062)


WHAT did you do to the online table? tongue

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Re: Again..

That shouldn't happen. There's a regular INDEX on the user_id table in the online table, so it should allow duplicates just fine. There's something seriously wrong with your setup. I don't know what it is, but I will be glad to help you find out. Contact me via e-mail.

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Re: Again..

email away..