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I might guess this is have to do with the server.
Well, I have a server with Win 2003, IIS 6.0 and PHP 4.3.10.
I can upload a avatar but i can not change it. Nothing happens, no massage or something. Tested on both 1.2 and 1.1.5.

IUSR_SERVER has write- & change-permissions.

This worked earlier before a format I did.

What could be wrong?!

// Gardell

Re: Change avatar / IIS 6.0

That's odd. I've never used IIS6 so I really can't help you though.

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Re: Change avatar / IIS 6.0

After a refresh it "worked" on 1.1.5. tongue A miss of me.

Anyhow, it's solved. The avatarfolder didn't have delete-permissions.
One thing is strange though, 1.1.5 is creating a new file, but 1.2 (obviously) wants to rewrite the old one, therefore the delete-permission is necessary.

// Gardell