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Hi all
after to many visits of forum made by Rickard and used by people

is just sad to see lot of bad dudes is deleting the © Copyright foot line !
This is anormal thing !

"Powered by baddudename"
"© Copyright 2002?2005 baddudename"

You people making that are realy...  yikes
no more comment!

I'm not in this devlopement forum or and contribut but i say this is anormal thing!

Re: © Copyright!

I know is bad but you are allowed not that i would remove it wink

Re: © Copyright!

Deleting or changing it ?

Changing it, like "Copyright Jérémie" is very wrong, and is not allowed at all ; in fact it's illegal.

Deleteting it... well.. it is allowed and in some cases it might be needed, or felt the way to do it. Still, even in that case, a colophon page with mention about PunBB is the strict minimum.

An in any cases, a drop by the Donate is always a good thing smile .

Re: © Copyright!

I gladly keep the copyright notices on software I use...
I just add whatever beneath it.

Re: © Copyright!

We at gladly keep the Punbb / Rickard Andersson copyright notice! We love punbb and hope that more people will pick up on it smile

If someone could tell us how to change the text opposite the copyright notice we would be very grateful. Instead of a link to recent messages we would like to have a link to the bands official merchandise distributor. Anyone able to help?