Topic: PunBB development ideas

I'm currently working on a CMF focused on managing text data ? articles and similar, called RkCMF (0.6 beta is available here ? English lang is supported, there is a readme - install how-to). I've made a "simple" forum module (Forums, posts ? normal, sticky, global, announcement etc.) but I don't have the time to make it more forum like (few things not made yet) so I've decided to use (we shall see if optional or hardcoded) punBB as a RkCMF forum smile But maybe some of my forum how-to ideas could be moved to pun like:
-    each Forum has it's own table for posts smile smaller tables are easier to move etc.
-    forum can have it's forum icon, the same for topics. Example: link
-    there are no categories smile Forum lists are build by simple tags like:
[FSTART=text] ? starts forum template (like category header)
[F=id] ? inserts a row with link/data from selected forum (like forum in a category)
[FSTOP] ? ends forum template
Extra feature: you can add entry for one forum multiple times and can be mixed with other things: example

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