Topic: punBB everywhere hack

This code:

function rewrite_url_filter($data)
$link = $data[0];
$link = ereg_replace('"$', '', $link);
$link = explode('="', $link);
$_link = $link[0];
$link = $link[1];
$link = preg_replace('#([0-9A-Za-z ?&.]*)#si', '\\1', $link);

$link = 'pubb/'.$link;
$link = $_link.'="'.$link.'"';
return $link;

function rewrite_ob_filter($string)
return preg_replace_callback('/(href|src|action)s*=s*"[^"]+"/', 'rewrite_url_filter', $string);


define('PUN_ROOT', 'pubb/');
include PUN_ROOT.'index.php';

allows to include punBB in any place of your web site [edit define('PUN_ROOT', 'pubb/'); ] It's a remake of my short urls script... in this case it appends PUN_ROOT to all links, images and forms.

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Re: punBB everywhere hack

interesting but I'm not sure what you would need this for.

Re: punBB everywhere hack

To add punBB to your site - a big and nice set of links for Search Engines and it also makes the site to look nice smile

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