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Topic: Does anyone want to help create a Textile plugin?

Textile is a much faster and simpler way of doing all the things BBcode does. Once you know what you're doing it's so fast and so easy you'll never want to go back (trust me). A few forums do have it working already but it's just through a quick fix that is a bit too flaky for my liking.

This is the fix and this is the file you need for it.

But i'd like to get Textile as a proper plug-in that does everything BBcode can do (and maybe a little more). So would anyone with decent PHP knowledge (since I have next to none) like to help?

If you end up doing all the work you should of course take all the credit, I just want Textile working!

We'd probably need to...

* Remove unnecessary elements such as tables, headers etc (might be fun to leave in thing like deleted text, acronym etc)
* Give it its own help documentation? (we could just link to textism)
* Get quotes working like those of BBcode.
* Give it an entry in what on bar, like BBCode: on