Topic: fade technique for the newest post?

I'd like to add a class, "fade" to the newest post only. so that when a user writes a reply, and the page reloads they will see the fade anything technique highlight their post, and it them fades to the background color.

I didn't have a problem adding the scrip into the header, but I am baffled as to where to add the class="fade" for the users new post only.

any ideas?

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Re: fade technique for the newest post?

don't add it to the header.php! add it on where you need it on ur include/template/

             ex: main.tpl [go to the part where you see the beginning, put them with in the <head> part]

if you don't put the script in the <head> part, the script will not run.

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Re: fade technique for the newest post?

Right. I figured that out by trial and error. I can fade the backfround of the entire page, but I really need direction to how to apply this trendy trick to only the poster's most recent post upon viewing it after a post is entered. Nowhere else.

I just can't make out where that actually exists in the code.


Re: fade technique for the newest post?

You would probably have to apply the classes to the div's "postright" and "postfootright" because they control the posts background colour. Trouble is that there is no way easy way of indentifying a users new posts. The best you could manage (I think) would be to identify the last post in each thread and then check whether it was by the user viewing it but that will involve writing some php. To do what you want probably requires a mod.


Re: fade technique for the newest post?

right, and either make it a span, or change the script to make it operate as an ID.


But somehow in this board, there's a function that goes to the post to see it, just after you posted it.

I am looking to alter the class of only that specific output.

otherwise everything ends up fading...