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Can anyone recommend a good web-based, community calendar?

* php/mysql (open source is preferable)
* secure, supported with security updates as needed
* coded well according to current standards
* template system for plugging in any site design
* login that can integrate with wordpress/punbb login
* xhtml/css, standards compliant
* streamlined and fast, not bloated
* multiple users, permissions, categories, display options, email notification, rss, etc
* complements other CMSs I like:  punBB, Wordpress, Singapore, phpList

I've found these so far:

It's CGI instead of PHP, and the database is flat files instead of MySQL.  Seems to have all the basic calendar features.  View events in a grid or list format, and by the month, week, 2-week, 3-week, 4-week, or daily level.  Customizable Templates, Flexible Event Definition, User Authentication, Assign Permissions.

View events in grid or flat format, monthly, weekly, daily. Categories, Search, Themes, Recurrent Events, Users and Groups management, Template Configuration.  It sounds good, but it doesn't seem to be supported: last release was 2004-12-24.

SuperCali <<== Looks Good
The feature list looks good and demo is nice and clean.  Only been in development for about a year so it may not be stable and secure; but it's been developed aggresively and it has a following so it's worth considering.  Nested event categories, Multiple moderators and users, Multiple dates for each event, Multiple calendar views, Drop-down venue and contact selection, Javascript to assist data entry, XHTML/CSS output.

PHP Event Calendar
It looks nice and has several basic configuration options.  But it uses text files instead of MySQL for the database.

Most of the usual features, plus Event reminder email subscriptions.  But it doesn't appear to be supported: last release was 2005/7/19, and there's very little activity on the forum.

Lots of features and looks nice.  Cost is $80.  Free basic version and trial advanced version.

http://www.sweetphp.com/nuke/modules.ph … ;script=12
Looks fancy, maybe too fancy.  Cost is $35, but no trial version.

VCalendar <<== Looks Good
Free, open source, and well-supported.  Localization features with Internationalization in English, Russian and German, Dynamic CSS, Annual, monthly, weekly and daily calendar views, Multiple categories, Recurring and all-day events, Role-based user permissions and calendar configuration.

Webcalendar <<== Looks Good
Free, open source and well-supported.  Lots of features.  XHTML/CSS compliant, Multi-users, 30 supported languages, View calendars by day, week, month or year, View another user's calendar, View one or more users' calendar via layers on top of your own calendar, Repeating events including support for overriding or deleting (exceptions), Configurable custom event fields, User-configurable preferences for colors, 12/24 time format, Sun/Mon week start, Checks for scheduling conflicts, Email reminders for upcoming events, Email notifications for new/updated/deleted events, Export events to iCalendar, vCalendar or Palm, Import from iCalendar, vCalendar or Palm, Public or private calendars, Users can make their calendar available publicly to anyone with an iCalendar-compliant calendar program (such as Apple's iCal, Mozilla Calendar or Sunbird), Publishing of free/busy schedules (part of the iCalendar standard), RSS support that puts a user's calendar into RSS, Subscribe to "remote" calendars (hosted elsewhere on the net) in either iCalendar or hCalendar formats, User authentication: Web-based, HTTP, LDAP or NIS.

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Calendar 2.0 thread at PunRes at:

PunBB Calendar 2.0 Categories Add-On:

Both of course fully integrated with PunBB.

I don't think you need to have a fiendishly complicated calendar like some of the ones you have looked at, BTW.

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Thanks!  I saw that calendar mod about a year ago and at the time it didn't look like it would work very well as an events calendar, so I forgot about it.  I see now that folks have made improvements to it since then and it looks much better now.  That's great.

I agree -- I don't need "super" features.  I just wanted something to replace the crude events calendar I hacked together for my community site (it's just one table, and it sorts events by date and displays them in list format, with intro text and full body text).  As it's written now only I can add events; I want to let other users add events to it but I don't know anything about security.  I don't have time to learn real (serious) programming, so figured I should just find an app someone else has written.

This (calendar 2.0) is a perfect solution.  Thanks again.