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Re: What host should i use

I have register with http://www.realvaluehosting.com/ after searching on internet (2 week searching)
My host plan for my site www.parmaja.com and another site is
100 MB
1000 MB Bandwidth
5 Subdomains
5 Mysql databases
1 Addon Domains
50 Email accounts
CPanel version 10 (i like it)
Cron Jobs
to type of log analizer "Awstats" , "Webalizer" , i like "Awstats"

this features with 20$ a year it is very cheap because i my xhosters not give it with same price, for now i found it fast and work fine for me.
about support, i have no any problem yet to contact the support but i think thay are good becuase thay are ("Sonia") found me here in punbb.org big_smile

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Re: What host should i use

Thanks again Zaher!
We are always there for any help smile


Re: What host should i use

if you host with me you get the following on the [color=blue]blue[/blue] (smallest) package....

4GB Web Space
50GB Bandwith
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited MySQL Datebases
Unlimited E-mail accounts
Unlimited Mailing lists
Unlimited FTP accounts
Email forwarders
and more.

if you have any questions please email me.


Re: What host should i use

I've been hosted by http://www.wiredhub.net/ for a few years now and I've had nothing short of amazing support and quality hosting from them.  Some of the numbers may not be as big as other hosting companies but I believe the super customer service is well worth it.  The two times I've had to post on the support forums with questions I had, there was a response from one of the staff in a matter of minutes (ie less then 5).

Anyways, I throw my recommendation out for http://www.WiredHub.net/.  Check them out and you'll be happy.

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Re: What host should i use

hmm for the bandwith limits havae anyone of you had probs?
i use 100webspace.com freeweb hosting but im afraid that with the punbb traffic the bandwith expires
the bandwith limit is 3gb