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Confirm prune posts

Are you sure that you want to prune all topics older than days from ? ( topics)

WARNING! Pruning posts deletes them permanently.

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'Days old'); $focus_element = array('prune', 'req_prune_days'); require PUN_ROOT.'header.php'; generate_admin_menu('prune'); ?>


Prune old posts
Days old The number of days "old" a topic must be to be pruned. E.g. if you were to enter 30, every topic that didn't contain a post dated less than 30 days old would be deleted.
Prune sticky topics  Yes    No When enabled sticky topics will also be pruned.
Prune from forum The forum from which you want to prune posts.

Use this feature with caution. Pruned posts can never be recovered. For best performance you should put the forum in maintenance mode during pruning.