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-==== Matthew Hutchings ==== 
-PunBB support manager 
-Student of Coulsdon College 
-Since February 2007, I have been using PunBB for all my sites. I have learnt all my PHP and MySQL skills by using PunBB. Started asking simple questions at to why my modifications to PunBB didn’t work, as I was determined to make my own website. I stuck with it, installing and developing mods and editing them to my needs. Slowly I started to gain a good amount of knowledge of PHP just by using PunBB. 
-At college studying BTEC National Diploma which covers all aspects of computers, including programming, and I cant wait to start that. My part time job is being an Apple Engineer. 
-Living in the college life means I have a fair amount of spare time on my hands which I use to go out and have the occasional drink, or two and spending the time with my girlfriend and college friends, who try to bleed me dry for the information for the coursework. 
-{{http://punbb.informer.com/favicon.ico}} [[http://punbb.informer.com/forums/user/9648/|PunBB Forums User Profile]] \\ 
-{{http://skype.com/favicon.ico}} skype:utchin154 \\ 

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