64 Ban Bug

by danbuscaglia

65 Small BUG in register.php

by dimkalinux

66 Posting by guests

by brunyrzondzom

67 Closed: Broadcast Email Strips Carriage Returns

by Federer Photography

68 New post problem

by autodijagnostika.biz

69 Closed: Bug in the parser

by dened

71 Closed: XCache link in admin panel broken

by lukasz210

72 Closed: SQLite and $forum_db->drop_field

by dimkalinux

75 Closed: For About seo friendly url

by WebDeveloper

77 Closed: Bug in pun_bbcode

by dimkalinux

80 registration

by Guethlin

83 Closed: Mysqli Database class - +1 empty query

by maly_pirat

90 Closed: Errors in Oxygen_cs.css

by Okeanos