91 Closed: Errors in Oxygen_cs.css

by Okeanos

93 Closed: Bug in update_users_online

by bedroom

94 Closed: "Last post" in topic title?

by daris

99 Closed: typo in admin_settings.php

by berVi

100 Closed: Email setting validation

by hoover90

103 Users.php -> Crash

by Kyle_Katarn

104 Error in post.php querry

by Cereal

105 Closed: IE8 install

by Profo

108 Profile Editing Error

by Moddex

110 Closed: XSS Exploit Reported

by slickplaid

112 Closed: cannot set up punbb

by newmannewy

115 Closed: Duplicate Email accounts

by Cereal

117 Closed: Issue with extern.php

by yuzz

119 Closed: login redirect to rss feed

by kierownik