121 Closed: 2 issues with the Installer of 1.3.2

by Dan_y2k

122 Closed: Rss Feeds problem

by SuperMAG

129 Closed: Forum Rules

by YonasH

130 Users Report Cant Signup

by bizbla

131 Closed: Item Subject Wrapping with Indent

by KeyDog

132 Closed: [hooks] adding new users permissions

by YonasH

136 Closed: A few bugs...

by kaptainkory

137 Closed: CSS glitch in the footer (1.3.2)

by Ishimaru Chiaki

138 Closed: CSS fix

by Strofanto

139 Closed: footer issue [php + css]

by YonasH

140 Closed: RSS items - HTML parsing

by alpha2zee

141 Closed: Duplicated hook

by Strofanto

144 Closed: Sticky and closed topic style

by daris

145 Closed: User list bug

by 8k84

146 Field Overflow or List Issue

by slickplaid

147 Closed: Admin Add User (extension) bug.

by amp

148 RTL issue

by Dev_Guy

149 Closed: Rebuild Index errors

by mello757