121 Upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4 issues

by andremccarv

124 Auto URL thingy

by Wikzen

126 search eror post problem

by kudataz

127 Background Color

by hordebanger

128 IP BlackList

by Remixful

130 Forum cannot load post

by datsportsbetting

131 Issues with template theme

by datsportsbetting

132 censoring.php

by Remixful

134 About BASE_URL.

by crar

136 install language pack

by lleming

142 Clean orphan posts

by progent

143 Move (Page x) in title

by Newuser12

144 Insert PM after registration

by Newuser12

146 Need Extension , if found

by bt-root

148 nya_thanks

by mhozhabri

149 Login form in theme

by Newuser12

150 punBB code not working

by Marianne