Topic: Corpo e Mente


Congratulations and compliments to all the developers and users. I really like PunBB!

Here's one brand new forum using PunBB:
It's a health/body/mind related forum. Its language is portuguese.
Not many mods installed except sitemap and newpunrewrite.

I'm a minimalistic freak so, you won't see anything unless it's absolutely necessary.
You will notice the absence of numbers. wink Less is more!

Beware: lots of green... if it's not your color, skip it. smile
I intend to provide different color schemes to registered users.

I've used a grand total of... 2 images totaling 1KB!
The index page is 20KB. It could be less but Google Analytics script is 6KB... sad

Best wishes of success to you all! smile

Re: Corpo e Mente

Very nice indeed.

Fast and very minimal, whilst also being colourful, visually attractive and distinctive. Not bad for 22218 bytes total page weight.

Stripping out some of those other interface elements improves speed too and also makes it a very user friendly forum.

Lots of people could learn from your design approach, I think...