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Please check my website and tell me what do you think? and what shall I improve smile


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very good job.  wordpress and punbb.  nice colors.  i like it.


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A tad more difference in scale between the grey text and background colour would be better, but other than that, rather nice. smile

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Where's the punBB on this site? I can't see any punbb forum there at all.

Furthermore, when you go to http://www.pictureaweek.com/forum/, what you see is vBulletin® Version 3.6.8 ... not punBB.

The 'Show Off' on punbb.org is area is meant to show off your **punBB** work, not any old site.


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the url is forums no forum

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thanks yemgi, I updated the original post with right url of punbb

Sirena, I understand its showoff for punbb big_smile and its not an old site but a site which I am developing with punbb for forums. I had started with vb but later decided to go with punbb so you still see vb lying there

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Maybe part of the problem for me is that your whole top menu (home | ---> learn | ---> forum | ---> gallery --->) is not visible **at all** in my usual browser, which uses the IE6 engine. This is perhaps to be expected, as you have the menu links commented out in your HTML:

<!----            <li><a href="http://www.pictureaweek.com/words/">home<span></span></a> |</li> --->
<!----            <li><a href="http://www.pictureaweek.com/words/photography-articles/">learn<span></span></a> |</li> --->
<!----            <li><a href="http://shutterweek.com/forums">forum<span></span></a> |</li> --->
<!----            <li><a href="http://www.pictureaweek.com/words/wpg2">gallery<span></span></a></li> --->

It's visible in Firefox 2 though, so it seems you are doing something weird with your HTML comment tagging that FF tolerates but IE doesn't.  Safari also ignores the top menu, BTW, so your HTML needs to be fixed up here I think.

Using Firefox I can see that Punbb is indeed in there under /forums, so sorry about saying it isn't in there. It's just likely to be invisible to many people.

Also under Firefox, when within the forum the top menu doesn't sit properly horizontally - it is displaying on two lines for me:  there is a line break or something just in front of the 'forum' menu item. It looks pretty ugly. It sits OK horizontally when outside of the forum though.

Edit - actually I see what's happening here - in the forum header you've attempted to comment out the 'learn' link, but FF is still displaying it. Hence the menu turns out wonky. But funnily enough, the menu in /forums now renders OK in IE, but it still dissappears when you go back to the site home.

Testing across browsers of any site you launch is a good idea...

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thank you so much serina, I am no way a programer from any angles so trying to learn things slowly big_smile

Thanks for the pointers, I will work on them


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Running the validator against it can also be useful. smile Tends to point out things you may have overlooked.

http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http% … mp;group=0