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I'm on the "staff" of NSGN, a small Christian forum who's name stands for Now Spreading Good News. A few days ago we switched from phpBB to PunBB, in the hopes that we'll get less bot spam. I personally think we need additional defenses, but the site owner has decided to take the wait and see approach.

I recommended PunBB to the site owner because of the simplicity, standards compliance, use of pure CSS (no HTML or PHP) for the themes, and speed. I found out about it because I used to frequent the MacAddict Forums (now called Mac|Life). It's good stuff, and is working well for us.

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i like how the header image blends nicely with the navbar.

FluxBB - Less is more

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Attractive and fast.

If bots eventually find their way past your CAPTCHA, you might like to also try something like this:

...adapted to ask a custom question every Christian should know, perhaps.