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Topic: Site i've just put together with punbb :)

Been working on a GNR fansite for some friends who recently lost there board and hosting. Only been working on it for a week or so and needs some more work but early opinions are welcome smile Used quite a few mods including styleswitcher, user maps, ajax chat and weve worked on 9 different styles so far though they each need there own little tweaks still.

Preview four of the 9 skins :

[Izzy,Slash and Duff]                [Appetite]                       [Bumblefoot]                         [Izzy]

(One major flaw to the designs, which I argued against, is the site is set to a 900px width which buggers it up for 800x600 users, and even the 1024x768 users)

URL : http://www.chopaway.com/rov2/

Thanks for the great software

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i dig it. i usually don't like the themes pinned to one side but your's works. good job.

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Thanks Dr. Jeckyl smile

Posted some screens up in the first post as guests can't preview the chat rooms which have also been individually styled http://chopaway.com/rov2/img/smilies/22.gif.

Trying to make a great fansite for Guns N Roses and getting plenty of members signing up to our new PunBB powered forum already smile

Less than a week since we opened with only one link used to promote our site (bar this thread also):

Users: 45
Topics: 110
Posts: 1684

Post count is so high due to the ajax chat counting each inidividual chat-message as an actual post for some odd reason. Still, we've had loads of active chats with fans already this week which shows people are enjoying the site and returning big_smile

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Just added a cool new feature to my board, to get more people signing up! wink


Top right advert, probably killing any chance of validation but its getting more people using the site big_smile

I can post the code if requested

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Please do.


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sweet site... my senior prom i wore the gnr rape scene t-shirt and combat boots..

i was stoned and drunk that a freakin blast..........


My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
Don't be stupid and help ! We are the stupid one's !!!