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Topic: [1.3] Parse error in File_Based(fancy).php

Hey guys,

Just trying out the latest SVN of 1.3--even better work now!--and seeing if, this time, the mod_rewrite code works right.  I use a XAMP server, WAMP technically, as my localhost testing area and I just got this with the fancy mode just trying to activate the thing:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting ')' in C:\Program Files\XAMPP\xampp\htdocs\punbb1.3\upload\include\url\File_based_(fancy).php on line 52

And lookie what I found on line 52! lol I thought only I did this...!

    .profile_about'                    =>    'user$1-about.html',

As a side note, correcting the typo doesn't grant functioning SEO rewrites though.  After a few tests I've determined that none of the rewrite options work on my WAMP localhost server.  I guess it's time to break down and attempt it on my LAMP out there on the web, just to see.

Edit: How do I disable debug info in this build?  Can't find the option, and I know it's ready to leap from my monitor and bite me in the nose...

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They're not taking bugs for 1.3 yet, it's not even in Alpha wink

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Yeah, but I can't commit to fix it either.  I still figure they needed to know, though they'd figure it out quickly. wink

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Ofcourse you can't, only the developers can commit. Quite logical hmm

And it's a work in progress, I'm sure they know and will fix it.

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Re: [1.3] Parse error in File_Based(fancy).php

Elbekko, there's nothing wrong with filing a voluntary bug report for something unsupported.  Doubtless they'd have found and fixed it without me, but until they actually try it someone else might and it would be reported then too.

I don't see why there's a problem with posting this.

As a side note, how do I disable the debug information?  So much gets dumped below the footer that I don't want to always see, yet I cannot find the option to turn it off. (Nevermind, it was a define in a script after all.)

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might be bacuase of the ammount of posts that people will post about each single bug on the unsupported version would be annying. And people might the the idea that becasue you have it, they can have it and its working... Which isnt the case wink

Sorry. Unactive due to personal life.

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As Bekko said, we are not officially accepting reports at this point for 1.3 because there is no official release. While we appreciate the interest people have in 1.3, we want to cut down on the number of duplicate reports we get and focus on development and testing rather than on responding to bug reports.