Topic: minor registration "bug"

I searched the forums and could not find any past posts on this. From what I can tell, this only effects the current and beta versions of Firefox. Opera 9 and IE 7 were not affected.

Whenever you try to register with an e-mail address that is already in use, you are given the chance to click a "Go Back" hyperlink. When you click the link, you are taken back to the registration form to re-enter your password information but once you are done doing that you cannot click the "Register" button to submit the info because it is grayed out.  You would have to click the Register hyperlink at the top of the page in the menu bar to start over again. The same thing happens with the "Forgotten Password" form.

I know this is not by design if the other browsers have no trouble with it, so I figured I would bring it to the developer's attention.

Re: minor registration "bug"

Yeah, we're aware, there really just isn't a good way to re-enable the submit button wink

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Re: minor registration "bug"

That's a bit strange, but thanks for the info.

Re: minor registration "bug"

It isn't strange, it's just how the browser handles page caching.


Re: minor registration "bug"