Topic: topic / post management

I have not seen it in the feature requests.
I think it would be nice to add the ability to merge and split topics.
It may not be a must have but an official extension to allow it would be great.

Re: topic / post management

Hi yemgi
I can give you two ways:
- Mod Merge posts 1.0 presented by hcs : "This mod allows to merge your message with last message in a topic if it was yours" (Now version 103)
- Old mod Spit Topic 1.0.0 presented by chacmool : "Adds the ability to split a topic into two". I always have this archive is somebody is interrrested.



Re: topic / post management

Thanks smile I was asking for it to be considered in 1.3 wink
For 1.2 there is the move post mod by fpouget that does all of it