Topic: [Information] Europe could make the IP address personal data

European Commission appears ready to declare IP addresses as personal data, which means they could be protected: EU Official: IP Is Personal

Re: [Information] Europe could make the IP address personal data

That's not what the article says: it says that the German official in charge of preparing a report on search engine privacy policies and how they comply with EU privacy laws feels that IP addresses should be regarded as personal data (which would change the way it's dealt with in privacy policies). That's one official's personal statement in an official venue. I don't see what's so special about that, given that his statement (as far as I can tell) has no impact other than that which the news coverage gives it. He could certainly put that in his report, which would give it more weight, but a report isn't law by any means. Just because he says he thinks IP addresses should be considered personal data when used to identify people does not mean that there will be new draconian laws implemented to prevent the harvesting of IP addresses.
Let me know if I'm missing something. smile