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As of now, most of these are suggestions/my opinions. There's only one or two bugs that I can find.

1) On the installation pages, I believe you should either set the password fields (admin and DB) to use the password input type to hide the passwords OR at least mention that they are visible in the password description. Clear sight or something was a term I've heard used in the past. The reason behind this is that it's a password, and thus should be treated as one with a proper warning.

2) For the cache/cache_quickjump_1.php and cache/cache_quickjump_2.php files, I do not see an ending ?> tag. I would find this better if one is added. It's just a good habit. (I have not encountered any PHP errors caused by it, so I can't complain, but other configurations just may cause an error.) I have not checked all of the cache files.

3) If you manually enter the help.php file (with nothing after the URL), it assumes the "bbcode" section. Would it be possible to make a little index of possible items to view instead? It might help novice users, even if we aren't supposed to be there. smile

4) When you are viewing a report, would it be possible to add links to possible delete or just modify the post from the report panel?

For now, that's all I've found. I really like the new system and look forward to the changes you make before release (and well, ultimately, the release.) smile

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cddude229 wrote:

2) For the cache/cache_quickjump_1.php and cache/cache_quickjump_2.php files, I do not see an ending ?> tag.

I think config.php has always been like this.

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2. The reason is that there's no need for the closing tag and putting one there makes it easier for people to accidentally add whitespace which is echoed out and causes errors.


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3. That kinds of defeats the purpose. The idea is the help file can be extended with each section giving the impression its a stand alone help file. You could end up with dozens of sections added by extensions which don't actually relate to each other in any way.

4. That would encourage people to modify or delete posts without looking at them first which is probably not a good idea.


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number 1, i suggested that yesterday, and i got told that many people just type in the password an assume its correct without looking, so if you can see it and you type it twice you know its correct.
and i doubt really your going to install a forum with a load of people stood behind you watching what your password is right? tongue

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leaving the password input unencrypted might also encourage cut'n'paste. I'd personally rather is was treated as a standard password.

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1) Will you at least mention they're visible? It takes 20 seconds to add and doesn't hurt anything.

2) I wasn't aware they were not needed. smile

3) I did not think about extensions, so that makes sense.

4) Alright. I was just commenting on that, but that makes sense.