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Topic: hello


i installed punbb on this url http://www.kotp.org/forum/.

i didnt change anything much (but i might did something wrong with it) and it turned out that I could open the forum anymore (later that day)

basically i can even open the forum (tho its still there)

if anybody can help me, plz mail me at raf@dribbler.org, i'd appreciate it.

also, the forum cant be viewed using IE, wierd.

EDIT : did some research and found the threat for IE, but still not sure how to fix it.


Re: hello

Upload a fresh copy of the files. wink

Re: hello

what dya mean?

'fresh copy'?

and which files?

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Well, if you have no idea what you did, we have no idea what you did. So, you upload fresh copies (meaning download another copy of PunBB and upload the files over your existing ones). If the problem is related to you messing with the files, that should fix it.

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ahh, okay, but i dont think so, becoz i think i never removed any of those files. (never touch it smile )

but i think its something wrong i did with the board setting, which not allowing anybody viewing it.

Can u help? ill give you the details so you can see my files (using ftp software)

thanks for replying smile


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OK, drop me an email
Edit: I should note that you shouldn't be using 1.3 in a production environment smile

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hi, can u post here whats the problem and what have u done?

just want to know, thanks alot again smile

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Moved to 1.3 talk, since this is a 1.3 install
You switched styles. There are several topics on the subject already in the forums explaining that only Oxygen is working and switching will make your install not work. Your phpMyAdmin link didn't work, so I couldn't fix the problem in the database: that's up to you to fix. I just changed the cache file so that the pages would load.
And closed, since this is in at least two other topics. smile