Topic: Incorrect debug mode instructions

I hope this hasn't been reported previously, and I apologize if it has -- I've been a quite out of the loop lately (been spending way too much time working for my school's robotics club big_smile ).

Note: For detailed error information (necessary for troubleshooting), enable "DEBUG mode". To enable "DEBUG mode", open up the file include/common.php in a text editor and locate the line "//define('PUN_DEBUG', 1);". It it located at the very top of the file below the software license preamble. Then remove the two slashes in the beginning of the line and save/upload the script. Once you've solved the problem, it is recommended that "DEBUG mode" be turned off again (just add the two slashes back again).

Debug mode is no longer toggled in common.php; the message should mention essentials.php instead.

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Re: Incorrect debug mode instructions


Re: Incorrect debug mode instructions

Couldn't the debug mode be also turned on from the admin panel? For a quick check from time to time, that might help.

Re: Incorrect debug mode instructions

I was actually planning on having that as an extension smile