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When I login to my test forum and I hit the button "Moderate forum" I cannot see the select box to select the topics in IE, in firefox i do see them! It does not matter if I am logged in as admin or as moderator.



Opera 9.25:

And when I want to move my moderator to the members group, the field already stands on member instead of moderator.
Do not know if it suppost to do that but anyway smile

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Are you sure you're on the correct page? hmm A column completely disappearing is odd, even for IE.

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Did you look at the screens?

Here again then! These screens are bigger!
If you look closely at the screen of opera then you see the select completly to the right just showing the letters "sel".





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FYI, it's also fine in Safari 3.0.4.

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Yes, I did look at the screens. How was I supposed to smell they're the same page without seeing the location bar?

Very odd tho... The pages validates and everything, so it's not an unclosed tag or so. Weird hmm

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Yes sorry about that roll
I think it has to do with the css or something hmm

netscape = ok
safari = ok
avant browser = not ok
AOL = not ok

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The weird thing is Opera isn't displaying it correctly tongue

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gheheh, you have something to do then roll big_smile

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mmm there is a problem in style/Oxygen/Oxygen.css, line 674

width: 50%;

Removing this line, column reapears neutral

sorry for my english

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I'll tell Paul.

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