Topic: Oh Sweden, where did you go so wrong?

Just found these on the BBC website:

Swedish cooks and nostrils

In Sweden there are a number of funny linguistic holes to fall into. Kok (pronounced - sheuk) means cook, but the the word kuk (pronounced - cook) refers to the male sex organ. So beware when you're trying to say you're a cook!
A previous contributor mentioned that the word gift in German means poison - in Swedish the word means both poison AND marriage.
Finally, the nostril is known as nasborre which has a direct translation of "nose-drill".

Exit through the backside I
My favourite Swedish word is fart, which means speed, pace.
You can find quite a few interesting signs with this word when driving in Sweden, for example infart, entrance or utfart, exit.
On the motorways there are signs saying fartskontroll where you can get pulled over if you're doing it too fast - driving that is.

Exit through the backside II
I want to add to Dina's speedy Swedish fart and say that the word for speed bump is fart-hinder.
If you go over one at 50kmph it has quite the opposite effect.

Dubbelkrapp at the supermarket
When I first moved to Sweden I spotted a toilet roll called Krapp and another one Dubbelkrapp and a kitchen roll called Kok. We have here a chocolate bar called Plopp. There is tinned ham called Bog and if you're lucky you may find a product that is slut, meaning "out of stock".

Re: Oh Sweden, where did you go so wrong?

Haha.. yeah, Isn't swedish a wonderfull language? =)

Re: Oh Sweden, where did you go so wrong?

Funny stuff :D

"Kok (pronounced - sheuk) means cook"

That one is weird. It's either "kök" which is pronounced sheuk and means kitchen or it "kok" which is pronounced "cook" (with a long o-sound as in cool) and means a potful.

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