Topic: Features of PunBB 1.3

I've been following the development of PunBB for the last 2 years, and there have been a lot of discussions about the upcoming features of 1.3, but there doesn't seem to be a overview of the major Significant features, what to expect, etc.

Is there one which I've missed out on?

Re: Features of PunBB 1.3

Planned Enhancements (1.3-dev) ¶
New markup and CSS.
Unicode (UTF-8) support.
Improved accessibility for both Public and Administration pages.
Administration interface gets language file support.
Search engine optimized "Fancy URLs" via mod rewrite.
Proper extension support - Extend the functionality without touching a line of PunBB's PHP code.
New topic read marking system.
Improved syndication - Feeds extended to include individual topics. Also feeds in the form of Atom and XML format.
Support for Microformats - hCard and MicroID.
Multiple moderator groups.
Board search improved with MySQL Full-Text Search.
Per-style templates - It will be possible to have one set of templates per style.