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Topic: Admin area in the RSS feed [Solved (by myself)]

Don't know if it came by already, did a search but didn't get any results that suited.

In the RSS feed of our PUNBB forum there are also posts that are made in the Admin area. Is there a way to keep them out of there?
If not then is should be a buggie.

Version: 1.2.16


Re: Admin area in the RSS feed [Solved (by myself)]

Found the solution:

In rss.php is a part that checks the rights of a group:

$result = $db->query("
    SELECT p.id AS id, p.message AS message, p.posted AS postposted, t.subject AS subject, f.forum_name, c.cat_name 
    FROM ".$db->prefix."posts p
    LEFT JOIN ".$db->prefix."topics t 
    ON p.topic_id=t.id 
    INNER JOIN ".$db->prefix."forums AS f 
    ON f.id=t.forum_id 
    LEFT JOIN ".$db->prefix."categories AS c 
    ON f.cat_id = c.id
    LEFT JOIN ".$db->prefix."forum_perms AS fp 
    ON (
        AND fp.group_id=4
    WHERE (
        fp.read_forum IS NULL 
        OR fp.read_forum=1

Important in this piece of code is:

AND fp.group_id=4

If this group ID is wrong or it is the code of the group with different rights then it doesn't work like it should. For people who made up groups by themselves it's a good thing to know!

Re: Admin area in the RSS feed [Solved (by myself)]

Moved to Modifications, since rss.php is not core PunBB code.