Topic: Tearing hair out!

I've downloaded punbb.

Created a mysql database with a password and login through my hosting control panel.

I've uploaded the contents of the punbb 'upload' folder to the folder on my webspace i will be hosting the forum in.

So far so good.

I then went to the install.php phase, inserted the necessary details, received the generated php script ok.

Used Dreamweaver to create a blank php file and pasted the generated info into it, saved it as config.php.

I then uploaded the config.php file to the forum root directory and proceeded.



$db_type = 'mysql';
$db_host = 'localhost';
$db_name = 'myforum';
$db_username = 'admin';
$db_password = 'password';
$db_prefix = '';
$p_connect = false;

$cookie_name = 'punbb_cookie';
$cookie_domain = '';
$cookie_path = '/';
$cookie_secure = 0;
$cookie_seed = '20328a26';

define('PUN', 1);

The file 'config.php' doesn't exist or is corrupt. Please run install.php to install PunBB first.


I've checked my forum folder (via ftp) and the config.php file IS there. When I click the link to re-run install.php I get this message

The file 'config.php' already exists which would mean that PunBB is already installed. You should go here instead.

When I click 'here' I then get punted back to the first message.

I've been trying to sort this for 2hrs and tearing my hair out.

Any advice would be greatly received.


Re: Tearing hair out!

Could you link to your forum?

Re: Tearing hair out!

Did you incluce a ?> at the end of your config.php file?

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No I didn't include ?> at the end of config.php as it wasn't included in script. I read in prev thread it wasn't required.

I also can t link directly to forum.


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If you used Dreamweaver, you've probably saved the file as rich text rather than plain text. Create it again with notepad and upload it again. See if that sorts it.

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I tried as you suggested, I'm on a mac so created the config.php in word and saved as plain text.

When I try to view the forum I now get a blank page.

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Try using a basic text editor. I'm not sure what it is on OSX. Don't forget to save as non-UTF8 plain text.

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I've just tried downloaded a copy of text wrangler (a plain text editor for mac)

Same problem, blank page.

Re: Tearing hair out!
Looks like something isn't saving as plain text

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ok, I pasted the php info into a plain text editor and saved it as 'config', uploaded it to my forum root folder.

I now get this msg

An error occured.

PunBB reported: A table called "users" is already present in the database "www123_eccgforum". This could mean that PunBB is already installed or that another piece of software is installed and is occupying one or more of the table names PunBB requires. If you want to install multiple copies of PunBB in the same database, you must choose a different table prefix.

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Figured it out guys, thanks for the input, much appreciated.

I was doing something so obviously wrong, I'm blushing, doh!

I was pasting the info in design view instead of code view in Dreamweaver, once i fixed it, now runs like a dream.


Re: Tearing hair out!

Glad you're sorted. smile Just for future reference, with you using OSX, simplest way to create a standard text file is just upon up a terminal and use vi or vim, (not sure which they use on OSX).