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Topic: Next release question

I'm going to install punbb into a univercity intranet and have to modify code adding new parts and remove those not necessary for this task. After code investigation and reading forum bug reports, i've decided to wait punbb next release before starting modifications.
Do you have any plans to release 1.1.3 or a bugfix sooner than v1.2 ?


PS: I was ready to adopt a different script for this project, until i saw punbb. Excellent piece of code!

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Re: Next release question

Well, no. I really don't have a planned date of release for either 1.1.3 or 1.2. I'm not even sure 1.1.3 will happen. If it will happen, you can rest assure that it will contain only minor changes to the source code.

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Re: Next release question

Hmm, sounds that i have to start with current version. Anyway, that's not a problem.

Thanks Rickard smile

Sakis is my name, ssb just a nick.