Topic: What Wiki to use with Punbb 1.3?

DokuWiki integrates with Punbb 1.2 -

Has anyone tried it with 1.3, or can recommend some simple wiki which will integrate with PunBB?

By integrate I mean a logged in user of the forums should be also logged into the Wiki.

I am trying to do this:

Forums at
Wiki at

If I install Dokuwiki with Punbb 1.2, and upgrade to 1.3 later on, will the user integration with Dokuwiki be lost?

Re: What Wiki to use with Punbb 1.3?

khalido: To answer the question in the topic, none at this point wink
Once 1.3 is out of beta you're likely to get a better answer. I do expect Dokuwiki would be a good option though.

Re: What Wiki to use with Punbb 1.3?

Hopefully, some people would look into the Mediawiki bridge thing some of us talked about.. well 3, 4 years ago? smile

Re: What Wiki to use with Punbb 1.3?

it depends on the topic of your wiki.

doku is very lightweight, very easy to modify, very smart way to install a plugin, but still you have a lot to do to make a wiki with basic function.
The biggest problem is that even experienced wiki users have to re-learn how to use it. i think that's why most larger public wiki tends to use mediawiki instead of doku.