Topic: Why not call it v.2?

Apologies if this has been raised before, but why not call PunBB v1.3 a proper v2 release?

All the extensions and mods for 1.2.x won't work on 1.3, the extension system is fundamentally new, and much of the 1.3 code seems to have been re-written from scratch. So it seems to represent a real big departure from 1.2 in many important ways.

Seems like enough justification for labelling the current 'v1.3' more than just a point upgrade, IMHO...

I mean, if that's the scale of the changes we see in a mere point upgrade (ie 1.2.x > 1.3) , then I look forward to  the eventual upgrade from v1.3 to v2 delivering all sorts of miracles, including world peace and Jesus returning to Earth ... smile

Re: Why not call it v.2?

It's based on the 1.2 source, so no.

Re: Why not call it v.2?

Aha. Thanks for that elbekko.

But while it may be based on the 1.2 source, 1.3 doesn't seem compatible with 1.2 - most mods, patches, hacks - and even the CSS - will need to be re-done to work with 1.3. So it (arguably) isn't really just a simple, linear upgrade. Most 1.2 stuff will break on 1.3.

Re: Why not call it v.2?

A lot of code has been rewritten, added or optimised, yes. But nothing in the fundamental design has been changed. PunBB still works in the same way it always has. The aim, or philosophy if you want, of 1.3 is the same as for 1.2.

At the end of the day the only thing that differs the two versions is code. And that is not enough to jump a major version, imo.