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Topic: Long Line without spaces in post

Long lines without any spaces don't display properly.

For example:


The line is not wrapped. This is annoying for example when posting long links (and links are disabled), esp. when forum width is smaller than default.

It's not really a bug, but a adding a feature that splits long lines so they fit would be cool.


Re: Long Line without spaces in post

But if you split a line and it IS a link then it would become a broken link (not a good thing IMO).  And if it's a piece of code and gets split the meaning and function could be completely broken as a result.

Re: Long Line without spaces in post

True. I assume having this feature is more trouble than it's worth...


Re: Long Line without spaces in post

It isn't necessary. The only reason for posting a long line of unbroken text is a text link in which case the code tags can be used.

Re: Long Line without spaces in post

Moved to PunBB Discussion, since this isn't a bug. wink
You can change the wrapping on the div that contains the post if you don't like it the way it is.

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Re: Long Line without spaces in post

And if you are using unicode, and it eats the long string incorrectly while inserting index words, you will get an error.