Topic: migration from 1.2.17 -> 1.3-Beta test report

i wanted to test moving my forums to the 1.3-Beta so i have some experience before 1.3 is officially released. here's a description of my setup and what i did.

host: OpenBSD/i386 running 4.0-current. PHP 4.4.1, MySQL 5.0.24a-log, chrooted apache+mod_security. i am using a mod_security setup that someone here recommended a while ago.

i fetched Revision 1552: /branches/punbb-1.3-dev to try out.

o setup 1.3-dev as if it were brand-new. tested, and it looked OK
o made sure my production forums were quiescent and ran `mysqldump -u db_user -p --databases database_name > foo.sql`
o edited foo.sql and changed the name of the database to `migrationtest`
o ran mysql -u db_admin -p < foo.sql
o copied db_update.php into the punbb $HOME, and fixed up permissions
o ran db_update.php through a web-browser
o waited a while
o when finished, i removed db_update.php and pointed my browser at the new test forum

might have missed a few steps, but this is a basic idea.

everything looks great! thanks for all the hard work. i will be looking at the new features and providing any feedback i can.

transition went flawlessly, although i haven't moved any of my extensions over yet. i will be looking at the compatibility thereof later on.



Re: migration from 1.2.17 -> 1.3-Beta test report


- Clean up all hooks made for 1.2 (more than 20 modification!)
- Upload latest 1.2.17 to make sure, everything still run and preparing safe way for upgrade
- Start from beginning
- Put the forum maintenance mode for 2 days

Migration from 1.2.17 to 1.3 Beta.

- Deleting whole 1.2 except config.php
- Uploading new Dev 1.3 beta
- Performing update
- It takes 15 minutes for 200MB MySQL database smile
- Take a coffee, and finish....

Playing new "stuff"
- Testing some function and looking for error.. seems okay
- Now looking for available extension, installing and testing
- Start from beginning to make forum look like old. Modifying CSS

to be continue....

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