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Hello all so i am going to get to my question.

Is there anyway to add a calendar to punbb (maybe punbb has its own one?)

*I have copied and pasted this from what i posted somewhere else as a suggestion*

this describes what calendar id like list /Search/Profile/Messages/The Calendar/Logout

? "The Calendar" will have the normal features a [boring] calendar has (dates/months/year)
?  Admins/Mods will possible have full control - so they are the only people that can add stuff

Stuff Admins/Mods will add
? Dates for airing Episodes of seasons
e.g. April 24th LOST Episode 9 "The Shape of Things to Come" Airs
Description: The continue of the fourth series(season)
Information of Episode: Sayid confronts Ben's spy on the freighter, and Ben urges daughter Alex to flee Locke's camp in order to survive an impending attack. [b]*Note* This Info was tooken from Episode 8!

In other cases they may wish to say whole new series starts or a premie/pilot airs for a whole new series.

? Birthdays
? Events - Incase there are any events then they will also add them to the day. (Maybe if there was a Meeting or even voting for an SoTW)
? Subscribing to a Date will keep you up to date on things happending that Day along with when that Day comes you will be inform (Email/Message)

Also Admins/Mods may decide to give others access to add stuff to dates.

*Note* as i am not sure of the potential of Punbb it could work at a different way.

? On each Day it will only include the Events (Episode airs/Birthday etc..)

There Maybe an option to click on the Date (April 24th) which would lead you to something like a thread which will include events on that date aswell as being able to replay to that thread to comment/add other stuff.


Re: Calendar?

There is a mod on for PunBB1.2


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Yeah, I think is better to put this feature outside the core (to keep PunBB light) smile
Extension or Mod is good choice

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Re: Calendar?

You can use Google Calendar, and put it on a page on your website. … swer=41207

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Here's my: Arsenal FC Fixtures & Player Birthdays Calendar

Decision: + PunBB + Custom Forum Page + 3 upcoming events embeded in announcement


  • events view without jump to & without page reload.

  • import calendars from *.ics & *.csv formats.

  • customizable design.

  • wide sharing options.

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Re: Calendar?

i am totally agree with khalido..the other ways like mod and extension are difficult and time consuming and the Google idea is better

Re: Calendar?

Is there a chance that will be released an official extension like the non-official calendar mod for punbb 1.2 ?