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Topic: Create new table field?

Hi! I would like to create a new table field in the PunBB forum, with the info on the poster of the thread. For example, now we have Topic | Replies | Views | Last post, I would like to have it as: Topic | Started by | Replies | Views | Last post. Is this possible, without to much tampering with the code, and without screwing the rest of the forums?

Topic | Started by | Replies | Views | Last post
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Also, in the Index page, is it possible to add a last post topic in the Last post area? In short, I would like it to say Forums | Topics | Posts | Last post -> The supposed "poison NULL byte vulnerability" by mirturk [ and then in the right corner] 2007-05-01 00:39
Again, is this possible?

Forums                 | Topics | Posts | Last post
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Thanks in advance, hope you can help me with my problem smile
If you need further examples, I can always photoshop something for you, just ask if you dont know what Im talking about.

Another thing, while Im at it big_smile Is it possible to merge the topic/posts column into the same, like splitting it into a table where we have topics above posts?
Like this:

Forums                            |  Topic/Posts    |  Last post
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Hmm.. No-ones gonna understand a word of what Im saying without pictures.. roll
Well, lets see if I can get you some smile