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the button part i know whats wrong but why is my page doing this:
It seems like my links are on the bottom instead of being on the left of the DocWiki

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Speechless wrote:

the button part i know whats wrong

What is the solution, please, Speechless ?

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Connorhd wrote:

no its a funny bug seems to appear sometimes and not others

wiki/common.php line 10:


should be


here it is abclf

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NHL is back, GO TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS! even if they lose...
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My punbb is centered with 800 pixels width. PunDOkuwiki is using the entire screensize. How can I make it fit into the 800 pixels?


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I'm a bit late and lazy ;
thanks for replying speechless, but it didn't work fine : yes I get the text for the button, but the template is in strange characters for é è ç and so on.
grrr wink

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speechless, that was the fix I needed. Thanks!

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Hello !

I update the french language file from release 1.0 to 1.1.
I couldn't upload the file anywhere, that's why i show the full content of "lang.php" :

 * french language file
 * @license    GPL 2 (
 * @author     Sébastien Bauer <>
 * @author     Antoine Fixary <>
 * @author     cumulus <>
 * @author     Gwenn Gueguen <>
 * @author     Jérôme GRAS <>
$lang['encoding']   = 'utf-8';

$lang['btn_edit']   = 'Editer cette page';
$lang['btn_source'] = 'Montrer le source de la page';
$lang['btn_show']   = 'Montrer la page';
$lang['btn_create'] = 'Créer cette page';
$lang['btn_search'] = 'Rechercher';
$lang['btn_save']   = 'Sauver';
$lang['btn_preview']= 'Apercu';
$lang['btn_top']    = 'Haut de page';
$lang['btn_revs']   = 'Anciennes révisions';
$lang['btn_recent'] = 'Derniers changements';
$lang['btn_upload'] = 'Envoyer';
$lang['btn_cancel'] = 'Annuler';
$lang['btn_index']  = 'Index';
$lang['btn_secedit']= 'Editer';
$lang['btn_login']  = 'Connexion';
$lang['btn_logout'] = 'Déconnexion';

$lang['loggedinas'] = 'Connecté en tant que';
$lang['user']       = 'Utilisateur';
$lang['pass']       = 'Mot de passe';
$lang['remember']   = 'Se souvenir de moi';
$lang['fullname']   = 'Nom complet';
$lang['email']      = 'Adresse mail';
$lang['register']   = 'S\'enregistrer';
$lang['badlogin']   = 'L\'utilisateur ou le mot de passe est incorrect.';

$lang['regmissing'] = 'Désolé, vous devez remplir tous les champs.';
$lang['reguexists'] = 'Désolé, un utilisateur avec ce login existe déjà.';
$lang['regsuccess'] = 'L\'utilisateur a été créé. Le mot de passé a été envoyé par mail.';
$lang['regmailfail'] = 'Il semble y avoir un problème à l\'envoi du mail. Contactez l\'administrateur.';
$lang['regbadmail']  = 'L\'adresse mail semble incorrecte - Si vous pensez que c\'est une erreur, contactez l\'administrateur.';
$lang['regpwmail']   = 'Votre mot de passe DokuWiki';
$lang['reghere']     = 'Vous n\'avez pas encore de compte ? Enregistrez-vous ici.';

$lang['txt_upload'] = 'Sélectionnez un fichier à envoyer';
$lang['txt_filename'] = 'Donnez un "wikiname" (optionnel)';
$lang['lockedby']     = 'Actuellement bloqué par';
$lang['lockexpire']   = 'Le blocage expire à';
$lang['willexpire']   = 'Votre blocage pour modifier cette page expire dans une minute.\nPour éviter les conflits, utiliser le bouton Apercu pour réinitialiser le minuteur.';

$lang['notsavedyet'] = 'Les changements non enregistrés seront perdus.\nVoulez-vous vraiment continuer ?';
$lang['rssfailed']   = 'Une erreur s\'est produite en cherchant ce champ : ';
$lang['nothingfound']= 'Pas de réponse.';

$lang['mediaselect'] = 'Sélection de fichier';
$lang['fileupload']  = 'Envoi de fichier';
$lang['uploadsucc']  = 'Envoi réussi.';
$lang['uploadfail']  = 'L\'envoi n\'a pas réussi. Veuillez contacter l\'administrateur';
$lang['uploadwrong'] = 'Envoi refusé. Cette extension de fichier est interdite';
$lang['namespaces']  = 'Catégories';
$lang['mediafiles']  = 'Fichiers disponibles dans';

$lang['hits']       = 'Occurrences trouvées';
$lang['quickhits']  = 'Pages trouvées';
$lang['toc']        = 'Table des matières';
$lang['current']    = 'version actuelle';
$lang['yours']      = 'votre version';
$lang['diff']       = 'différences avec la version actuelle';
$lang['line']       = 'Ligne';
$lang['breadcrumb'] = 'Piste';
$lang['lastmod']    = 'Dernière modification';
$lang['by']         = 'par';
$lang['deleted']    = 'effacée';
$lang['created']    = 'créée';
$lang['restored']   = 'ancienne révision restaurée';
$lang['summary']    = 'Résumé des modifications';

$lang['mail_newpage'] = '[DokuWiki] page ajoutée :';
$lang['mail_changed'] = '[DokuWiki] page changée :';

$lang['nosmblinks'] = 'Les liens vers les disques partagés de Windows ne fonctionnent qu\'avec Microsoft Internet Explorer.\nVou pouvez toujours faire un copier/coller du lien.';

$lang['qb_alert']   = 'SVP, entrer le texte que vous souhaitez formater.\nIl sera ajouté à la fin du document.';
$lang['qb_bold']    = 'Gras';
$lang['qb_italic']  = 'Italique';
$lang['qb_underl']  = 'Souligné';
$lang['qb_code']    = 'Code';
$lang['qb_h1']      = 'En-tête 1';
$lang['qb_h2']      = 'En-tête 2';
$lang['qb_h3']      = 'En-tête 3';
$lang['qb_h4']      = 'En-tête 4';
$lang['qb_h5']      = 'En-tête 5';
$lang['qb_link']    = 'Lien interne';
$lang['qb_extlink'] = 'Lien externe';
$lang['qb_hr']      = 'Ligne horizontale';
$lang['qb_ol']      = 'Liste numérotée';
$lang['qb_ul']      = 'Liste libre';
$lang['qb_media']   = 'Ajouter des images et autres fichiers';
$lang['qb_sig']     = 'Insérer une signature';

//Setup VIM: ex: et ts=2 enc=utf-8 :

I hope this will be useful ! smile


Re: PunDokuWiki 1.1

I've spent a few hours with this addition to my community, and i think it's promising, and a much needed addition.

I've got some trouble that others seem to have as well:
1. The way the page is created, there doesn't seem to be an accurate wrapping, or inclusion in the main.tpl file
This means that the wiki won't center if you have done something fancy with your board.

The css solutions offered regarding  .all and .pun  have no effect, this baby is slammed to the left, and as adding padding, margin and other style seems to have no effect either, it seems like something is either floating left, or being otherwise forced to the left. Whatever it is, I can't find it.

A clue is that the footer is also misaligned. The board credit is slammed to the right.

2. In Safari, all the buttons say "submit" and so for practical use, no one knows what they're supposed to do. Thus, we can't use it in this condition.

But it's super baad, and a lot of work has obviously gone into this. I'd love to see it go a little bit further. And I'd love to help if I can.


Re: PunDokuWiki 1.1

I have installed the wiki files, checked three times and still have no choice to add a pages to wiki, this message occurs:


Welcome to your new PunDokuWiki?

    * You might need to set permissions in the punbb admin panel if you have not done so already :)

    * To change the name of the wiki or the default page you need to edit ./wiki/conf/dokuwiki.php

    * You might also need to add a menu item in admin options or maybe a redirect forum to point to the wiki

Where could a set permissions to wiki at admin panel, is it a plugin which doesn't pop up or where is the functionality to find?

The poor horseman without horses

Re: PunDokuWiki 1.1

some times it's magic.
After searching at least 2h in the admin panel and at the folders how it works and after writing the post above I checked again the download file and I don't know why and how by uploading from punbb the folder plugins wasn't transfer d, so it's clear why I can't find anything at the admin panel.
I have checked again the installation guide:

#---------[ 1. UPLOAD ]-------------------------------------------------------

/lang/English/*.* to /lang/English/*.* (for additional languages check PunRes)
/style/imports/*.* to /style/imports/*.*
/wiki/*.* to /wiki/*.* (if upgrading remember not to overwrite your wiki data)
doku.php to /
feed.php to /
media.php to /

install_mod.php to /


It would make live more easy for the next to add the plugin transfer there.

The poor horseman without horses

Re: PunDokuWiki 1.1

Here is the link to the documentation how to modify the wki system

The poor horseman without horses

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Re: PunDokuWiki 1.1

does this work well with punbb v 1.2.17 or should i just use dokuwiki on its own?

Re: PunDokuWiki 1.1[]=punbb you can link the logon systems without actually integrating the wiki into PunBB, which is probably the safest/most effective way to do anything right now